Autumn is a Second Spring

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  — Albert Camus

After temperatures in the 80s until a few days ago, the weather finally turned cooler.  Not crisp yet, but at least cooler.  The leaves on all of my big old trees are still green, with a hint of brown.  Wherefore art thou, chlorophyll breakdown?

Check out the status of autumn foliage in your area on this interactive site:

Aspen in Colorado, photo taken by EK OConnor

Time to get out my favorite sweatshirts and worn jeans.  Time to make the donuts:  cake donuts dusted with cinnamon and sugar to join a cuppa hot cider with cinnamon.  Time to start scouting for butternut and acorn squash risottos, soups and roasted goodness.

Clean up the windfall branches and light yourself a crackling fire.  Sip on Guinness or cider.  The show of colorful leaves whirling and gusting to the ground is about to begin.


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2 thoughts on “Autumn is a Second Spring

  1. I stuck my head out the door intro the deck yesterday and was greeted by masses of maple leaves falling down onto my head and our newly painted deck. The chilly air was a surprise. Its definitely time to get out comfy warm clothes, hand knit Sox, make soups and chili, and light the fireplace. ❣️
    to light the fire pit.


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