This blog was created as a way to share moments of creativity and joy with each other. Despite how difficult our days might be, we can find a way to extract a little nectar from them – or create some where none was to be found.

I’ve long referred to the day’s joyful moments as bonuses du jour.  This blog is a refuge, sanctuary, and respite from the hardness of the world.  This blog is a collection of bonuses du jour.

During an unconscionably painful time, I moved to Southern Colorado.  I set up a folding table and chair against a window that looked out to the high plains and mountain foothills.  Western bluebirds, falcons, and antelope were frequent visitors to the plains beyond my window.  I remember watching, fascinated, as antelope frolicked and leapt on the high plains – dancing antelope are forever imprinted on my mind.

The antelope weren’t worrying about hunters and mountain lions.  In the late afternoon’s golden sunshine melting through the tall grasses, the antelope danced.  Could we be as present and joyful in precious moments?  I say, yes.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this blog and share your own bonuses du jour.

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